ETP 29 Welcome Reception
ETP 29 Opening Ceremony
ETP 27 Graduation Ceremony at Westin Hotel
Bulgari ETP 30 Year Anniversary Party

Finally, the unique opportunity of the 30 Year Anniversary of ETP in Japan gave us a reason to celebrate in style. Thanks to the great support of the team at Bvlgari Tower in Ginza we were able to host the ETPA event highlight of the year. At this occasion, we were delighted to welcome not only many former ETP members and actual ETPs with their families but also greet members of the EU Delegation, teachers from Waseda University & Naganuma Language School and the hospitable members of the Hitachi Homestay Association. In total around 150 guests appreciated the wonderful view of Tokyo by night from the top of the Bulgari Tower while enjoying exquisite food and drinks.

Aloha Table Networking Party August 2009

The Waseda University  invited ETPA members to the "ETP27 Summer Networking Party" held on Friday, 28th August at Daikanyama Aloha Table. Other guests included alumni members of partner universities jointly operating the ETP27 Programme  (SOAS, Bocconi, Sciences Po) as well as other friends and supporters of the ETP Programme. The event was a great success and helped to strengthen not only the the ties between ETP members but also provided a platform to mingle with international-minded Japanese businessmen.

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