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Connecting all ETP Alumnis

The Executive Training Program (ETP) Association is a network of over 900 ETP alumni and members of the European business community in Japan and elsewhere around the globe. The ETP Association aims to promote and support alumni activities, to disseminate information about events and job opportunities to our ETP alumni members, and to strengthen business connections between ETPs and the European community in Asia and Europe.

As part of this effort ETPA publishes and updates a monthly events calendar of business and networking events, lectures and seminars. We also provide job postings, manage the alumni database containing updated contact information for our members, and organize ETPA networking events for all members.

Because ETPA relies on alumni for support, we hope that all former ETP participants will contribute to the association by joining the ETPA. It is through membership action and support that the ETPA will better serve alumni interests, and build meaningful networks within the European business community in Japan, Korea, and Europe.

What the ETPA can do for you
• Support service to assist members in their daily and business lives, also to support new ETP to become established in Japan.
• Directory of the ETPA Alumni – a segmented directory of executives that share similar background, experience and outlook to yourself.
• Searchable database of the Alumni
• Website of information, links and diaries of events
• Regular (monthly) social networking event
• Invitation to other social events
• Information on seminars, conferences and networking events
• Recruitment services of distributing job offers from corporate sponsors to job hunting members.

In summary, what the ETPA can do for you is manage the organization and tools that enable you to have access to this remarkable network.

What can you get out of the ETPA
ETP graduates have found the network and tools of the ETPA to be very valuable in the following circumstances:
• Networking
• Introductions by the ETPA or an ETPA member into other networks
• Finding information relevant to developing European-Japanese business relationships
• Finding Kenshu
• Exploring your target market conditions and developing market plans
• Presenting your products and services to prospective customers
• Finding jobs after ETP
• Receiving support and advice for partners and family issues
• Receiving support and advice on learning the language
• Relocate in Japan after some years out of the country
• Learn about NPO associative activity in Japan

The ETPA encourages you to explore how you can utilize the association to achieve similar results.

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